Inventory of Research Infrastructures for the cattle sector in Europe

SmartCow launched a survey to establish a database of all existing Research Infrastructures in Europe in the cattle sector, and on this basis an interactive map of these infrastructures.

SmartCow is an EU funded project whose purpose is to promote the coordinated use and development of European cattle research infrastructures and, thereby, streamline and stimulate research activities in the cattle sector, in particular in the area of sustainable production, including feed testing. FEFAC is member of the Stakeholders Advisory Board of SmartCow. Among the key deliveries, SmartCow will build a database of research infrastructures, including descriptions of the nature of the research that can be performed ((19) DOC 87). Participation in this inventory in the form of a questionnaire is open to any private or public research facilities. The interactive map will be set on SmartCow's website.