Animal Nutrition as key factor to support animal health

At the OIE World Assembly on 26-31 May 2019, Alexandra de Athayde, IFIF Director, underlined that animal nutrition is an important contributor to promote animal health and welfare. She also reiterated the global feed industry commitment to strong biosecurity measures for operations under its control to ensure feed safety and integrity.

IFIF was invited to speak to the 900 delegates representing the 182 OIE Members and observers from international organizations at the 87th General Session of the World Assembly of the OIE Delegates in Paris on 26-31 May 2019. This invitation illustrates the close relationship of the feed industry with the World Organisation for Animal Health, with whom IFIF has an official cooperation agreement since 2012. You can find the IFIF news release online here: https://ifif.org/about/news/ifif-at-87th-general-session-of-oie/