The European Commission published EU Feed protein balance sheet 2017/2018

On 20 May 2019, the EC published the updated EU Feed Protein Balance sheet which includes data on roughage for the first time. The EU Feed Protein Balance provides a comprehensive overview of EU feed supply. Looking at the total EU use of feed consumption, about 80% of the feed is from EU origin. Roughage, such as grass and silage maize, is the main source of feed protein, representing 45% of EU total feed use, ahead of oilseed meals (26%) and cereals (24%) (tbc).

On 20 May 2019, the European Commission published) the updated EU Feed Protein Balance sheet ((19) DOC 80) together with its explanatory note ((19) DOC 81). The EU Feed Protein Balance sheet presents the feed supply, demand and trade of various protein sources – crops (cereals, oilseeds, pulses), co-products (oilseed meals and other protein rich materials that result from processed arable crops), non-plant based sources (animal proteins, former foodstuffs) and roughage (grass, silage maize, fodder leguminous). The EU Feed Protein Balance sheet shows self-sufficiency rate for LowPRO feed (less than 15% of protein content) is 97%, for MiddlePRO feed (15–30% of protein content) is 75%, for HiPRO feed (30-50% of protein content) is 29% and for SuperPRO feed (with over 50% protein content) is 92%. Overall, about 80% of the total EU use of feed sources is EU origin and dependency lays on imports for the high-pro category of feed sources. The development of the Balance Sheet was a joint effort of the European Commission and the key stakeholders of this sector (COCERAL, Copa-Cogeca, EDA, EFPRA, EPURE, FEDIOL, FEFAC, Starch Europe and others). FEFAC contributed to provide a data on crude protein levels for certain feed sources (e.g. former foodstuffs) and promote to include categorization of feed sources according to protein levels. The EC also updated the EU balance sheets of the previous marketing years, starting from 2011/12, those are available on the Crops Market Observatory website. FEFAC's Industrial Compound Feed Production Committee will further discuss the new version of the EU protein balance sheet, in view of updating the FEFAC position on EU protein plan, at its next meeting on 23 May 2019. FEFAC provided an “early reaction” to Feednavigator.com.