Outcome 63rd FEFAC Public General Assembly

On 20-21 June 2018, the 63rd FEFAC Public General Assembly took place in Lyon, France.

During the symposium on the role of animal nutrition in animal health management, Wolfgang Trunk (DG SANTE) presented the legislator perspective aiming at providing an appropriate legal framework that stimulates the development of innovative feed solutions in support of the welfare of healthy animals. Professor Leo den Hartog (Nutreco) illustrated the progress of advanced animal nutrition science and its role in optimal health management. Paul Lopez, AVEC President, highlighted the European poultry sector’s investments in increased animal health and welfare focusing on the need for closer cooperation with the feed sector to create more synergies in achieving further improvement for biosecurity at farm level. Laurent Larivière, from the French Ministry of Agriculture & Food, highlighted the inclusion of animal nutrition in the newest version of the national AMR action plan in France (Ecoantibio2 2017-2021) as an important part of the implementation of the One-Health approach to strengthen resilience and biosecurity of livestock farms.

FEFAC President Nick Major welcomed the willingness of all partners ranging from regulators, policy makers, farmers, the poultry sector and producers of veterinary medicine & feed additives in a joint setting to discuss the potential of animal nutrition in the context of a holistic sector approach to improve animal health & welfare management at farm level. “Recognition of the animal nutritionists’ contribution to support the livestock farmer in developing integrated animal health & welfare management plans is a key tool”, he said.

The reflection day on the future European Protein Plan saw Jens Schaps, Director for Agricultural Markets & Observatories from the European Commission (DG AGRI), outline the objective of the future European Protein Plan to improve conditions for crop farmers to include protein crops in their crop rotations, while exploring their market potential for the feed and food sector. Jean-Michel Aspar, COCERAL, provided the trade perspective on the importance of keeping open EU market access to imported vegetable protein sources, while Javier Valle, Copa-Cogeca, pointed to the need for a plan that secures long-term support for plant protein production in terms of investment, innovation & research throughout the value chain.

FEFAC President Nick Major: “It was good to hear that the European Commission appreciates the contribution of the European compound feed industry in the ongoing market study and stakeholder consultation process on the EU protein plan. We will continue to highlight the animal nutrition demand for high quality and competitive EU vegetable protein sources in the months leading up to the publication of the final EU market report on the EU Protein Plan for November 2018”.