Alberto Allodi elected Honorary Member at 63rd FEFAC Public General Assembly

At the occasion of the 63rd FEFAC Public General Assembly in Lyon, France, Alberto Allodi was elected Honorary Member. Allodi (immediate past President Assalzoo) was praised for his pioneering role in setting up and chairing the FEFAC Fish Feed Committee for 10 years (2004–2014), which was a milestone contribution to the recognition of the specific characteristics and requirements of feed formulation for farmed fish.

His personal engagement resulted in the associate membership of the Norwegian Seafood Federation, which allowed FEFAC to raise its legitimacy and level of expertise in this important market segment at EU and international level.

Allodi’s proactive involvement to the consultation process on the new EU Common Fisheries Policy contributed to the inclusion of a specific chapter dealing with the sustainable development of EU aquaculture and fish feed and the setting up of the new EU Aquaculture Advisory Committee, with FEFAC being represented in the Executive Committee. He showed decisive leadership in engaging with environmental NGOs, the EU and national governments to build support for the reauthorisation of non-ruminant processed animal protein in 2013 on sustainability grounds.

Since FEFAC was founded as a federation in 1959, the title Honorary Member has been awarded to the following persons: Mr Hubert Marek, Prof. Marcel van Belle, Mr Carl Brenninkmeyer, Mr André Namur, Mr Franz-Josef Juchem, Mr Giordano Veronesi, Mrs Helen Raine, Mr Marek Kumprecht, Mr Jaime Piçarra, Mr Alain Guillaume and Mr Geert Kleinhout.