Publication of the third update of the EU catalogue of feed materials

On behalf of 42 EU Associations of the EU feed chain , including suppliers of feed materials, traders, specialty feed & compound feed manufacturers and farmers, CEFS, Copa-Cogeca and FEFAC draw the attention of feed operators worldwide to the publication in the Official Journal of the EU of the third update of the EU Catalogue of feed materials (Regulation (EU) 2017/1017).

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 767/2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed, this third update was initiated by EU organizations of the feed chain, whose proposal was endorsed to a large extent by the EU and Member States authorities.

Next to the introduction of 35 new entries, the denomination and description of a large number of entries have been improved. This concerns in particular i) the insertion, in the description of many oilseed meal feed from integrated crushing and refining plants, of a reference to the possible presence of soap stocks and ii) the revision of the descriptions of feed materials from land animal origin to include processed proteins and fats from insects. The general provisions (PART A) about the proper handling of fermented products with possible presence of micro-organisms and the listing of chapter 12 (feed materials produced by fermentation) have also undergone an in-depth review, with additional clarification provided as regards the presence of micro-organisms.

Feed business operators shall adapt their labels to new labelling requirements before 11 January 2018.

It is important to remind that this Catalogue of feed materials is not exhaustive and its use is voluntary. Feed materials not listed in the Catalogue may be placed on the EU market and used, providing they are notified to the EU register of feed materials (http://www.feedmaterialsregister.eu/) and that they are free from chemical impurities resulting from manufacturing process and from processing aids. The representatives of the EU feed business sectors hereby remind that the information related to products listed in the register of feed materials is under the sole responsibility of the operators having notified them. Operators may not refer to the presence of their products on the register as a license to place them on the market or even as an acknowledgement of their feed material status.

The register of feed materials will be reviewed in order to eliminate those feed materials listed by name in the Catalogue of feed materials in January 2018. Feed business operators are invited to use the above indicated website to propose suggestions for amendments to the catalogue or seek clarification to their questions. This input will be used by the EU representatives of the feed business sectors to kick-start the fourth update of this catalogue in autumn 2018.