EU must maintain continuity of markets for livestock and feed products during UK/EU BREXIT negotiations

FEFAC calls for collaborative efforts between the UK and the EU-27 to avoid any disruption in agricultural trade as from the start of the formal Brexit negotiations.

FEFAC draws attention to the sensitivity of the Article 50 discussions for agricultural markets and warns for potential impacts on the livestock and feed chain, both in the UK and the EU-27. FEFAC stresses the need to implement effective safeguard measures during the entire negotiation period to maintain fully functioning and accessible agricultural markets, in the interest of all European consumers, livestock farmers and market partners.

FEFAC members are convinced that a comprehensive free trade agreement between the UK and the EU-27, based on EU standards, would be the best outcome for the EU and UK feed & livestock sector. FEFAC has set up a dedicated Brexit Task Force to analyse potential trade impacts of the Brexit negotiations on the EU feed & livestock sector.