COCERAL, FEDIOL & FEFAC joint press release

COCERAL, FEDIOL and FEFAC, representing commodity collection and trade, oilseed crushing and compound feed manufacturing, acknowledge the formal EU import authorisation for the 3 Genetically Modified Soybeans which were pending since the beginning of 2016.

COCERAL, FEDIOL and FEFAC reiterate the need for a robust, predictable EU GM import authorisation system providing legal certainty to operators to ensure vital protein supplies to the EU feed and livestock sector.

We regret the absence of any explication for the extended delay of the final decision stage on these pending GM import market authorisations which has created undue uncertainty in export countries and at the level of importers, food and feed business operators.

All market partners rely on a fully functioning EU regulatory framework, to be able to make forward contracts covering the supply of new crop vegetable protein meeting the demand of the EU food, feed and livestock sector which is dependent to 70% on imports of protein-rich raw and feed materials.