FEFAC Position of the further development of the PEF

FEFAC has published its position on the projected discussions of the potential future application of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint)

In its position paper ((18) PR 33), FEFAC expresses its support for the European Commission’s ambition to stimulate the development of a common, harmonised LCA methodology that allows for consistent, transparent and reliable measurement of a product’s environmental performance. FEFAC does consider that any future EU policy (or market) initiative linked to measuring the environmental performance of feed production should use the PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals as the key reference to come to transparent and comparable results as regards product claims.

The position paper was submitted to the European Commission together with FEFAC’s answer ((18) DOC 151) to the public consultation on potential policies implementing the Environmental Footprint methods. FEFAC has started to internally circulate a draft Q&A to facilitate better understanding of FEFAC’s involvement in PEF and GFLI (Global Feed LCA Database) as well as their value in measuring environmental performance of feed production.