European Antibiotics Awareness Day - EPRUMA Statement

15 November is the annual European Antibiotics Awareness Day. FEFAC is a member of EPRUMA (European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals), which prepared a dedicated statement.

EPRUMA partners recognise that animals, humans and the environment are interconnected. Healthy animals make healthy people and we are committed to make this happen. Since 2005 EPRUMA has been actively promoting a holistic approach that improves health and welfare of animals and minimises disease, therefore decreases the need to use antibiotics.

Our efforts have yield great results as it is clearly depicted in the last ESVAC report, where the overall decrease in use of antibiotics in EU reached 20% between 2009 and 2016.

On European Antibiotics Awareness Day, EPRUMA partners restate our adherence to our commitments and continue to:

  • develop and promote best-practice frameworks that ensure healthy animals through the responsible use of medicines;
  • advocate for better availability of veterinary medicines for all species and indications in all EU Member States, including availability of diagnostic tools, vaccines and other alternatives to antibiotics for use in animals;
  • facilitate coordination and exchange of information on best practices;
  • support transparency in use of medicines in animals.

EPRUMA partners call for all stakeholders to endorse One Health approach in promoting responsible use of medicines in both humans and animals, by emphasising on hygiene, good nutrition, health plans, awareness and proper diagnosis.