FEFAC Milk Replacers Committee visited the European Parliament

On 16 October 2018 the FEFAC Milk Replacers Committee visited the European Parliament upon kind invitation by the MEP Jan Huitema (ALDE, NL).

Chair of the Milk Replacer Committee, Mr Erik Fernhout (ASSALZOO), gave a presentation (EF_EPvisit_16_10_2018) about the most important topics discussed by the committee and explained the development of milk replacer production over the past decade. He highlighted the strongly reduced use of skimmed milk powder in milk replacer feed formulation over the years, with currently greater use of vegetable protein. Also the increased use of concentrate feeds has meant a reduced overall use of milk replacers for calves.

Member of the European Parliament Jan Huitema, who is also a dairy farmer, welcomed the input of the Committee and showed interest in the Committee member activities in veal production practices to reduce the need for antibiotics. He explained current legislative standings as regards animal transport and the Common Agricultural Policy, while the Committee members highlighted some best practices in terms of animal welfare.