ATF conference on 7 November 2018

The Animal Task Force will hold its annual seminar on 7 November 2018 in Brussels on the thematic "Balance Production / consumption - Animal farming for Humans’ well-being and planetary health"

It is often communicated in the media and among the general public that European citizens should reduce their consumption of animal products/proteins. Very often, the justification is both based on human health and sustainability point of views (use of resources, impact on climate, environmental footprint, AMR, animal welfare…). Can we find a consensus on recommended shares of animal products in our diets, at the junction of human health and planetary health? What share of animal-derived food in our diet is desirable from the environmental and health point of views? What does it mean for animal production in the EU and globally?

The ATF annual seminar is a follow-up of the ATF-EAAP special session (27 August 2018 – Dubrovnik, Croatia). The most important findings of the session will be discussed with a panel.

To register for the 8th ATF seminar, please click here.