FEFAC welcomes political agreement on medicated feed

The EU Institutions have reached an agreement on the proposal for a Regulation on Medicated Feed. The deal follows shortly on the adopted compromise that was made on the proposal for a new Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation, which was part of a package with the Medicated Feed proposal due to interconnections between both, in particular as regards measures against AMR.

FEFAC welcomes that in the eyes of the authorities medicated feed remains acknowledged as a safe and legitimate route of administration of medicines to farm animals. The agreement sets proportionate technical requirements for the manufacturing of medicated feed in multipurpose feed mills, which was a key concern for FEFAC. The restrictions on prophylactic and metaphylactic use with a view to bringing down the occurrence of AMR are consistent with the political decisions made in the context of Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation.

FEFAC has always reminded that the production of medicated feed is a service provided by compound feed manufacturers to livestock farmers, based on the advice and prescription of the veterinarian. Providing non-medicated feed solutions is the core business of compound feed manufacturers and a key contribution to support the health of farm animals and reduce the need for veterinary treatment. For further information on the role of animal nutrition in optimal farm animal health management, FEFAC refers to its earlier published factsheet.