FEFAC PEFCR Feed for food-producing animals published

The PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals is now publicly available for download. It received a final positive opinion by the Environmental Footprint Steering Committee on 15 February 2018.

The PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals is published on the website of the European Commission along with other PEFCRs, such as the PEFCR Dairy which makes reference to the PEFCR Feed. The corresponding feed datasets will be made available on that page soon. For reader convenience, FEFAC has also made the PEFCR Feed available as a flipbook on a dedicated website.

The end of the pilot phase marks the beginning of a transition phase where potential links to policy making will be discussed. Following the years of collective investment by FEFAC, its member associations and individual compound feed manufacturers, FEFAC believes that all environmental claims related to compound feed production should be supported by the methodology of the PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals, bearing in mind that its use to calculate the environmental footprint is a voluntary choice.