First Sorghum ID board meeting

Sorghum ID, the newly established professional platform for the promotion and development of Sorghum production and use in the EU, held its first board meeting on 18 January 2018 in Paris. On the menu of this first meeting, a focus on the weaknesses and strengths of sorghum as ingredient of animal feed and its potential for development.

The 25 members of Sorghum ID (thereof five European organisations of the Sorghum chain and 20 organisations/companies from 6 European countries) elected Mr Daniel Peyraube from the European Maize Producers Organisation CEPM as President. FEFAC and ESA (European Seed Associations) have been appointed as Vice-Presidents.

FEFAC presented the main features of the feed industry in Europe and stressed that, although sorghum has not been used significantly in animal feed in Europe, some characteristics of sorghum such as the low incidence of mycotoxins, the low requirements in water and pesticides as well as good yield make of this crop a potential interesting option to address the challenges faced by the EU agriculture and livestock sector, in particular the increasing prevalence of mycotoxins in cereals especially in South Eastern Europe and the general sustainability challenge (link to PPT). During the discussion, there was consensus to consider that sorghum suffered from a bad image of a crop rich in tannins, whereas the breeds which are nowadays cultivated in Europe are almost tannin-free. It was also agreed that there was a scope for further research in characterising the nutritional value of sorghum.