The European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) was founded in 1959 by five national compound feed associations from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

FEFAC membership today consists of national associations from EU Member States as full members and of an increasing number of observer members from non-EU countries. FEFAC is the only independent spokesman of the European Compound Feed Industry at the level of the European Institutions. FEFAC holds observer status in CODEX Alimentarius.


February 05, 2016

FEFAC-FEFANA Conference “Innovation in animal nutrition" - Brussels, 9 June 2016

FEFAC, the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation, and FEFANA, the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients, will hold an invitational joint high-level stakeholder EU Conference on “Innovation in Animal Nutrition”, in Brussels on 9 June 2016. The two European feed industry organisations will present the vision of a modern industry where central roles are played by innovation and public-private partnerships, which are key to shaping a smart, resource efficient Europe oriented to meet the EU Commission objectives on jobs, growth and investment. » read more
January 28, 2016

Global Feed LCA Institute provides PEF with free database

Together with its sister organisations in the United States (AFIA) and Canada (ANAC) as well as the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), FEFAC has launched the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI). The GFLI aims to provide a freely accessible, transparent LCA (life cycle assessment) database of feed ingredients. This will allow for globally harmonised assessments and benchmarking of environmental footprint calculations of feed manufacturing. The GFLI has established a formal partnership with the FAO and LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment Performance), ensuring it is compliant as regards methodological requirements.» read more
January 20, 2016

Modest growth in the EU compound feed production in 2015 vs 2014 (+0.2%)

A downward trend expected in 2016 in a depressed EU livestock market» read more
January 19, 2016

Joint Press Release EuropaBio, COCERAL and FEFAC - European Ombudsman: Commission must follow statutory timelines on GM authorisations

The biotechnology industry (EuropaBio), the grain traders (COCERAL) and the feed manufacturers (FEFAC) welcome the European Ombudsman’s decision on their complaint regarding the European Commission’s handling of authorisation applications for genetically modified (GM) food and feed for import and processing.» read more
December 21, 2015

XXVII FEFAC Congress 21-22 April 2016, Antalya - Societal Acceptance of Livestock & Feed Production in the EU - 2nd announcement

It is with great pleasure that FEFAC and TURKIYEMBIR, representing the Turkish feed industry, invite members and EU feed chain partners to the XXVII FEFAC Congress in Antalya, 21–22 April 2016, on the key conference theme “Societal acceptance of livestock & feed production in the EU”. The European Commission’s Circular Economy Package released in December 2015 provides a new holistic policy approach to a more resource-efficient food and feed chain management respecting both food & feed safety and environmental objectives.» read more

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FEFAC Congress

21-22 April 2016, Antalya (Turkey)» read more

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FEFAC Factsheet on PEF Feed Pilot

As part of the European Commission’s goal to create a single market for green products, FEFAC contributes to the feed pilot of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). » read more

European Feed Manufacturers' Guide - EFMC

Producing safe feed and food products is first and foremost a question of good management practices at each stage of the feed and food chain from primary production to final processing. It is therefore the responsibility of each operator in the feed & food chain to implement good practices to ensure the safety of the goods he produces.» read more

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