Nick Major displays FEFAC Sustainability Vision at USSEC Conference

At the 5th USSEC Soy Trade Exchange in Lisbon on 9-10 February 2017, Nick Major (UK, ForFarmers) presented the two core FEFAC activities as part of its Sustainability Vision; facilitating responsible soy sourcing and measuring the environmental performance of feed production.

Sustainability Committee member Nick Major highlighted the progress made since the launch of the Soy Sourcing Guidelines in August 2015. 15 responsible soy programmes have so far successfully passed the independent benchmarking exercise by ITC against the FEFAC Guidelines. Also market acceptance within the food and feed chain has shown to be high. FEDIOL (EU vegetable oil and proteinmeal industry association) has provided its full support since the beginning and the Consumer Goods Forum recognises soy schemes positively benchmarked against the FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines as a guarantee to eliminate illegal deforestation from the soy supply chain. Major stated that FEFAC is currently investigating the possibilities to obtain an independent market monitoring tool to substantiate how much of the European soy imports are covered by the Soy Sourcing Guidelines.

USSEC thanked FEFAC for having initiated the process to bring transparency to the market of responsible soy, which drove a reshaping of their own programme, the U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP), in order to meet purchase conditions of the European food sector. The SSAP has over 100 criteria and was positively benchmarked against the FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines in March 2016. Since September 2016, over 6.6 million tonnes of SSAP certified soy were exported to various continents. USSEC highlighted its 2025 sustainability goals, including reduced land use, GHG emissions and energy use, making clear the commitment to continuous improvement.